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Value quality and UPSCALED experiences 

Want to make a statement. 

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We're a perfect fit if you are...

AMAZING and want to showcase it. 

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If you are ready to be upscaled then, welcome to EP Photography.


Erica has earned the title of Austin’s leading portrait photographer by offering sophisticated techniques and processes normally used for commercial sets, and bringing that glamorous experience to the everyday person.

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Meet erica payne

For our team, photography is more than snapping a pretty photo. It’s the ability to manipulate light and create an image that conveys a story without uttering a single word. We love capturing split-second moments and making them into priceless artwork.

This is why I started EP Photography.

After completing college and receiving my B.F.A. in Photography and Graphic Design, I began working in the commercial photography industry.  l LOVED editorial-style photographs because they were compelling. (And I like all the #EXTRA-ness about them!)  One of my favorite parts was planning all the details.  It was exciting taking an object, a person, or a location and  adding all the details together to tell a complete story in just one image.

Being an artist I have other skills up my sleeve too! Sewing, jewelry-making, textiles (I majored in art, after all) come in handy when designing custom shoots. 

When I'm not photographing, you can find me watching movies, showing off my Pitmaster skills, and hanging out with my husband and three kids. But most of all, I love being #EXTRA. (If you saw my kids' birthday parties, you'd agree!)

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The women that make the magic happen

Linda Vias - Production Manager

Linda is a master of time and details. She’s the one who ensures your photoshoot session is set up with everything you need for a comfortable experience. She also makes sure we’re staying on schedule so we get all the shots we need to bring your story to life.

Larhonda Minor - Production Manager

LaRhonda has a keen eye for great art. She’s the owner of Posh Chic Events where she combines her love for planning events and artistic expression. Her unparalleled creativity and ability to create imaginative sets are just a few of her many skills that help us craft your legacy.

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