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I’m Erica Payne, founder & head photographer.
Here at EP Photography “boring” is not in our vocabulary. We don’t believe you should have to settle for “good enough” because you deserve the best! 

We aren't afraid to #BeExtra for our clients so we can make them EXTRAordinary. I've worked in the commercial field for years helping upscale brands and now I want to help you upscale your portraits.

Everyone loves a good story, and yours should be told in the best possible way. That's why we aren’t about simply clicking the shutter button. So whether your style is simple and chic, or bold and urban we can UPSCALE your portraits to works or art. 

Thinks outside of the box

Can capture your authentic personality

Crafts creative and impactful portraits

Provides a luxurious editorial experience

Makes you feel like a natural in front of the camera

Photography for people  that want more than average.

Knows you deserve the best!

Have you been looking for someone who...

You're in the right place! Let's go and


- Erica

Welcome to EP  Photography!

Because here’s the truth:

The only difference between you and the models in the magazines is the team — not because of some inherent “star-factor.” You just need the right person to guide you.

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Have you ever dreamed of what it would be like to be treated like a cover model, or have images that look like they could be  advertisements? If you've always dreamed of having access to an experience like this, I'm here to say YOU CAN!

Never think you aren't "good enough" or aren't the "right" shape.

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our signature experiences

Stylized Signature Series

Being our all-inclusive and most luxurious experience, we create the ultimate story-telling experience. These styled portraits bring your dreams to reality. 

fine art series

Inspired by Rembrandt and classic art, our Fine Art Series are simple yet timeless. Simply put, we elevate your portraits to art.  

editorial lifestyle series

A pure and emotional photojournalist experience, we capture moments through natural real-life connections.

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"I have used EP Photography for family, team, Christmas and newborn shoots Erica is such a professional and is always so patient. She is very helpful from what to wear all the way through to the end on what type of paper/ canvas would work. Putting that together with her photography skills, she is the best in the area!"

- Stacy H.

"You can’t go wrong with EP Photography!"

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the values that drive us


I. Storytelling

A Photograph can tell a whole story without one word..or it can say nothing at all.
We focus on creating images that speak to viewers. Everyone has a story, and we pride ourselves on helping you tell yours by capturing each image as if they were pages in your life's storybook. We don’t stop at just a pretty picture. Our images leave a lasting impression.


II. originality

Our team doesn’t believe photography was meant to be copy-and-pasted, like often seen on social media. Photography is a creative expression that should showcase subjects. Everyone is unique and your images should express that. That’s why originality is so important to us and is what allows us to capture you the way you've always imagined.


III. quality

At EP we only settle for top-shelf. We believe if you’re going to do it. It should be done RIGHT and WELL. That’s why we have check points to make sure we deliver quality from service to product. We create images driven by the idea that they'll be displayed proudly on your walls or sit exquisitely in an heirloom album — not hidden on a hard drive or printed on substandard canvases. 

It's our mission to elevate your portraits to art.

I want images that stand out and cause viewers to inquire and inspire.

I need a photographer who can guide me and showcase myself the way I’ve always dreamed. 

I’d like to be immortalized through the style of painted classical art portraits.

It’s my priority to work with an established professional I can trust to deliver quality images of my family, and capture our authentic personalities.

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While most photographers focus on a genre, we focus on creativity.

Other photographers are busy focusing on senior portraits, branding headshots, or family photos. But our focus is on our clients as a whole rather than the genre. That's how we produce such EXTRAordinary images.  It's never about reproducing the same pose over and over again. You are unique, and your images should be too.

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