When choosing a photographer: Continuation of Wal-Mart vs. the Photographer

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When choosing a photographer:Continuation of Wal-Mart vs. the Photographer

Most people go to a photographer because they want to preserve their memories of their family or even an special event.  But more often than not what they end up with was not what they were envisioning.  Custom photography is an investment.  It should be critiqued with the same process as buying a car, your wedding dress, where you build your home.  You are investing in Preserving your memories. 

What to look for in a photographer:

1. Their depth of knowledge:  Have they studied or taken any classes.  With today’s digital camera every GWM (guy with a camera) or MWC (mom with a camera) is claiming to be a photographer.  Running a camera on automatic or knowing a few cheap Photoshop tricks will not produce quality photographs.  You want timeless QUALITY shots that your grandchildren will look back at and ooooh and ahhh over. Not cheap tricks that will have them asking “WHAT WERE THEY THINKING!”

 2. Do they understand light:  When choosing a photographer look at their use of light. Is it only natural light or are they using studio lighting? Are there several hard shadows in shot?  Then think about the type of photos you were wanting.  If you were envisioning a portrait of you and your children reading in your office that has no windows and the photographer has no indoor studio lighted shots, then you will probably not be happy with the portraits in the end.

 3. Investment should equal the quality:  Often times photographer are chosen on price.  The cheapest wins.  But this is not the best method when choosing a photographer.  Higher priced photographers usually deliver a higher quality product.  They use professional labs and guarantee their products.  To produce more complex portraits you need specific equipment which can be costly.  Often the GMC or the MWC will see what professional photographers are charging and undercut them 40% to 50%.  But all you end up with is overpaid cheap pictures. And for that you COULD have gone to Wal-Mart and paid $39.95!!!

 Think about all the investment you put in to preparing for your session.  The price of new clothing, shoes, hair, or even a venue and decorations if it’s a wedding.  This is all part of the TOTAL investment into your memories.  Photography should not be the smallest part of your budget.  It is the only thing will have left to share your memories of that special occasion. 

Remember CHOOSE CAREFULLY!!! You are paying for the photographers KNOWELDGE and talent to create that perfect portrait.  It’s not an hourly job. Just like mechanics are paid to know what screw to turn to fix a car.. not how long it takes you to do.  Professional photographer are paid upon their ability to freeze time and relay an emotion all in a single frame.
You don’t get a second chance to preserve your memories FOREVER. ©


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