Photography is NOT a COMMODITY.

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Photography is NOT a COMMODITY.


 The commodities are goods for which there is demand, but which is supplied without qualitative differentiation across a market. A commodity has full or partial fungibility; that is, the market treats it as equivalent or nearly so no matter who produces it.

 When you hire a photographer do you not choose them based upon the photographer themselves?  Is it not based upon the photographer’s ability to produce the images you envisioned?  Then why are people trying to treat photography like it’s a commodity? 

 If it’s simply images you want then sure… it doesn’t matter who produces it.  Hell you can have your aunt Betty or even a monkey push the shutter for you.  Actually you don’t need anyone at all, just a tripod!  But a simple image is not what most people are looking for when they set out to hire a photographer.  They want memories captured, they want time frozen, and now even reality altered ….. and not everyone who can push a button can produce THOSE types of images. 

Photographers know that cost is important to everyone, but if you’re just shopping around for the lowest, then you really aren’t trying to hire a “Photographer“.  You want some one to push a button, and that’s what major chains like SEARS and WALMART are for.  Photographers charge according to their skills, equipment, and time invested.  (Which is the reason you went to them correct?)  I’ve heard several photographers say they get “wow that’s not the price I was expecting”.  Well we are shocked by quotes everyday.  Recently my husband’s car got dinged and the rim scratched.  He got a quote of almost $1100.  My first thought was “for that little ding!” But reality is ….That’s what it cost. It simply wasn’t what I THOUGHT it would cost. Yea I could have my brother in-law’s sister’s husband fix it for $200 and some DVD’s but that’s not the QUALITY I’m looking for.  I want some with the knowledge, equipment and experience to give me the results and can back it with a guarantee.  Then I don’t have to deal with the problem of the paint chipping in two months where the dent was. We have to get out of buying slightly cheaper and receiving significantly less quality.  That’s what happens when you book a MWC (mom with a camera) or a GWC (guy with a camera). Spend the little extra and get something you can really be proud to display in your home.  

Remember that with photography it’s different… a mechanic you can take the car back, a purse you can return if defective, but you will never get that moment.. that second back in your life ever again.  So if you only get one chance… hire someone you know will get it right. 

 Because Photography is NOT a commodity….. who produces it makes all the difference in the world.

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