Gender Reveal

erica payne


Gamez Family adds art expression to gender reveal.



gamez 2.jpgGender reveals are always exciting. This eco-friendly gender reveal was done in the perfect location… austin’s graffiti park.  This outdoor gallery is a great place to be surrounded by family and friends all pointing loaded squirt guns at you. Sounds like fun right! Plus there is no danger of fires, litter or non- degradable plastics to harm the earth and the family gets to wear the clothing. WIN WIN! Next time you’re thinking of a gender reveal. Skip the pyro and grab the paint.  (just make sure it’s skin safe) 



gamez 1.jpg

Meet Erica


  1. Mary Ochoa-Montez says:

    These are awesome pics, Erica! You captured some beautiful emotions, thank you!!!

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Meet Erica