The Ultimate Snapshot….. the difference between a snapshot and a photograph.

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The Ultimate Snapshot…..

the difference between a snapshot and a photograph.

We live in the digital era and it seems like GWC (guy with a camera) and MWC (mom’s with a camera) are EVERYWHERE.  Every one’s a photographer these days but are they really taking professional portraits or are they just snapshots, and what’s the difference?

Lets explore…

We see photos like these everywhere tagged with the “photographer’s” logo. 

Just because you pushed the button doesn’t automatically make you a “photographer”.  Just like me doing my taxes doesn’t automatically make me an accountant and  neither does shooting with an DSLR or a professional looking camera set to auto.  These are snapshots, just that.  Sometimes you can end up with some really cool snapshots.. other times …images that just missed the mark.  But what’s the difference… what makes a photo a professional photograph and not a snapshot?

Well, intent and knowledge.   A photographer knows how to position the person and manipulate lighting in a photograph.  They can do this with a point’ n shoot, DSLR and most can even use a pinhole camera!  They understand how to USE shadows, not just create harsh ones.  They know WHEN to click the button and not fire off a stream shots hoping to get the right moment.  They have the ability to “see” the photo before it’s taken.  These are skills possessed by true photographers.  Having a vision of the final image is something even the MWC and GWC possess.  But it’s the ability to EXECUTE it is what makes them an photographer.  (I know how I want my house to look but I still need an architect to draw the plans)

GWC and MWC stop tagging photos like you are a photographer, do you have a DBA…where did you study?

So the next time you see a photograph tagged with a photography company.. look and examine if it’s a PHOTOGRAPH made by a real PHOTOGRAPHER or just a Snapshot.

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  1. marcie says:

    if it looks like a picture i took w/my digital camera then edited it in picture manager then its not a pic by a real photographer cuz i am NOT and neither are most people! like erica has said before any monkey can push a button

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